Caroline is a cook who writes things: cookbooks, picture books, and articles that span a variety of subjects and outlets, from parenting to cooking to cancer.

Below is the narrative behind her work. 

(Her cookbooks are found on her food portfolio site, here.)

Picture Books

Caroline wrote and published a picture book about her journey into becoming a professional cook, channeled through a spunky little girl named Charlie, in Charlie the Cook (2018). Click here to see what people have said about it. Caroline also wrote and published another picture book for children’s bereavement groups about the everlasting love of a dying parent, based on what she was telling her two young sons as she was told she was dying of brain cancer. It is called Everlasting Creature (limited edition, 2018) and was produced for the local Seattle charity Safe Crossings as a resource for the families it serves. Rodale Kids books, a part of Random House book publishers in New York, loved the story so much that they wanted to tell it again, call it Lasting Love, and help it find its way to more kids who need him. Released on August 20, 2019. Click here for a variety of online retailers.


Caroline was diagnosed with a 7 cm brain tumor on February 17, 2017. She was diagnosed and operated on within a week, then in yet another week told that her tumor was aggressive, cancerous and gave her an upshot of a year to live based on statistics. She was 32 at the time of diagnosis, in otherwise good health, with a four-year-old and a one-year-old.

Discovering a terminal brain cancer in her body was a nightmare and something that no one would have ever thought she would have had to go through. However, that narrative showed her what she was made of in a way that nothing else had before. Writing helped her cope and deal with the unknowns, offering an outlet to process her experience as well as provide an easy way to tell her family how she was doing.

The space that rose to meet her was this blog called CaringBridge, a nonprofit website whose mission it is to provide those with serious healthcare needs with a space to write, to rally help, to easily tell followers and loved ones about the progression of health news. The space evolved into being a journal for Caroline, directed at her two boys in the event that she died when the doctors told her she would, before her youngest would remember her. She turned her CaringBridge posts into a memoir as an heirloom for her family, available here for purchase on Amazon.

Find the original writing on her CaringBridge site here. Check out the FAQ section for some of the most common follow-up questions.


Caroline writes every day: sometimes for articles found around the web, sometimes for her food blog, here, in which she chronicles her discoveries—stories and recipes—as a professional cook whose diet is restricted as a part of her fight against cancer. Her articles have been published on Food52, Parent Map, and Real Simple.com, among others.

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